Apple Annual Report 2011: Second Quarter Results Out | Quarterly Earnings

Apple Reports Second Quarterly Results (Earnings)

Apple Inc. has declared its financial report for the second quarter of the year 2011. The records show that the company has made huge gains in this quarter and expect to continue the same trend for the coming quarters of the year 2011. As per the financial reports of the company, Apple Inc. has recorded an increase of eighty-three percent in its revenue earning. The reports also show that the company has received a growth of ninety-five percent on profits from sales of their accessories.

The officials of the company in the second quarter reports for the year 2011 clearly says that, they have increased their gains by $24.67 billion in terms of revenue. Net profit for the second quarter of the current year which is being reported to be $5.99 billion which is equal to a growth of $6.40 on each diluted share. As per the reports, the international sales of the company have also been quite appreciating in the last quarter. Company’s international sales form around 59 percent of the total revenue that the company has earned in this quarter.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been quite delighted with the record growth that the company has shown in the second quarter of the year 2011 which closed on March 26, 2011. Though he was delighted, he did not show the sign of satisfaction. He wants to continue with the improvisations on different fronts for increasing the profits in the rest of the year as well as for the coming years.

The second quarter reports which showed huge positive gains on the shares as well as the sales of the company clearly indicated that the company is making significant gains from its much speculatediPhones and iPad or other electronic devices. The huge growth that was received by the company in the second quarter also indicates that Apple annual report 2011 might be better than that of the previous year.

As per the reports of the sources, the CEO of the company declared that he wants the third quarter revenue to hit the figure of $23 billion. Reports also state that the CEO eyes to increase the profit from diluted share by as much as $5.03 per share. The company has also formed its strategies for the next financial quarter and will carry out the same to reach the target. In the press meet, the company also declared its financial growths as well as future development plans.


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