Apple Vs Google | Apple Annual Software Conference on 11th June 2012

Watch Out For latest Announcements from Apple in Developers Conference on 11th June

            There has always been a cold war between the electronics leading manufacturers. They find themselves in a pitched battle in smart phones, computing and in software developers. This Monday Apple is expected to announce its mapping application and challenging the position of Google Maps which is considered to be the most valued option in the iPhone. It is said that it will reveal close integration with iPhone application. This feature targets the Google Android smart phone software. Apple may also promote the latest Siri which is the voice interface that can be continued in the iPhone and iPad apart from the Android applications.

            The war is also prevailing in the laptops section too that underscores the leverage that full line hardware products can bring a software war with Google. Apple is making his products to differentiate from the Google’s Android mobiles by enticing the customers deeper into the app ecosystem.

            The people in the world buy products depending upon trust and loyalty of the consumers. People are not tied in mass either with the Android ecosystem or the Apple ecosystem. Batting between these two has been prevailing for quite a long time and they intend to use different weapons. Apple uses a grip on its ecosystem with the closely managed app store.

            However, Google has a hugely successful strategy of making standard software that runs on a variety of hardware which helped Android to capture the leading market in Smart phones. Apple’s move to replace the Google Maps by its own mapping section is particularly an example of how rivalry between the companies has been revolving.

            Google has invested huge sums in the mapping technology and about half the traffic comes from iPhones and iPads. The traffic from those devices reveals valuable location data that helps to improve the mapping service and helps in providing features like the real time traffic reports.

            Apple has spent three years to take mapping back. They have integrated technology acquisition such as 3D mapping company C3 technologies. As Apple builds Siri device, they build out the icloud infrastructure with more capability into the operating system. It also helps in improving the advertisement strategy.

Apple Vs Google: Prolonged Battle

            With the pre-emptive move by the Apple in its upcoming maps services, Google has showed off its own mapping capabilities that in future will include 3D features. Google executives have avoided commenting on the possibility of being ousted as a default service on Apple devices. However, one executive said that integration with the Google search engine provides mapping service that is very useful than a product which simply uses a geocoder.

            Apple started its own geocoder technology that uses geographic coordinates for creating digital maps on its smart phones during the late last year. This move was seen as a precursor to Apple using its own map software. Software that would make the developers and fans hope high is the Siri which is voice enabled personal assistant service that Google would have to match in the near future. Let us wait and watch what happens in the near future in the application of mapping.

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