Harley Davidson Annual Financial Report for 2010: Yearly Sales & Profits

Annual Sales and Profit for the Last Year 2010

Harley-Davidson Inc.reported the 2010’s 1st quarter income that includes an operating income of $26.7 million, marking the return to state of profitability for the Company’s subsidiary. Harley Davidson is targeting women, young adults and even African Americans to ride their bikes, adding to their market share. The revenue earned from the Harley Davidson Motorcycles and other Related Products stood at about $1.04 billion in this 1st quarter. On the other hand, the worldwide retail sales of the new Harley-Davidson motorcycles went down by 18.2 % in the 2010’s 1st quarter when compared to that of 2009. In the United States alone, the retail Harley-Davidson motorcycle sales were down 24.3 percent and in international markets, retail sales declined 2.8 percent, compared to last year’s first quarter.

The revenue from Harley-Davidson motorcycle sales during the 1st quarter in 2010 was $808.8 million, which is 20% lesser than that of 2009. The interesting fact here is that the Company shipped out 53,674 Harley-Davidson motorcycles to various distributors and dealers across the world during this very quarter, while nearly 74,670 motorcycles were shipped during the 1st quarter of 2009.

The other aspect of Harley Davidson being the parts & accessories, the revenue earned was nearly $149.1 million in this same quarter, which was 12.1% lower than 2009.  The income from the other General Merchandise, including Motor Clothes [Harley Davidson’s apparel division] was at $66.3 million, 11.9% lower than the statistics from earlier years,

Motorcycle Retail Sales

In 2010, especially the 1st quarter, the worldwide retail sales of the new Harley-Davidson motorcycles came down 18.2% when compared to the numbers from the earlier quarter.  The retail sales dipped a massive 24.3% for the 1st quarter and that of Harley Davidson’s heavy weight motorcycle (i.e., the 651cc plus) declined 21.4 percent.

Going beyond USA, the International retail sales of the motorcycles decreased 2.8% during the 1st quarter in 2010. Though sales in Europe was growing and up 1.2%; Canada 1.5%, the retail sales in the Asia Pacific region was down 9.8% and similarly in Latin America, sales was down by 7.8% , which was quite a shocker to the company. Harley Davidson is hoping that the months to come now prove to be fruitful and they see a change in the growth trend, one that hopefully moves upwards and keeps growing.

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