Illinois Corporate Annual Report Due Date & Form Filling Instructions

Illinois Annual Report Filing Instructions (Due date)

Making Annual Report was one of the methods of keeping track of the progress of the place and businesses within the same during. It also gave the residents and people involved an opportunity to understand the minute details involved, which will help them, make decisions regarding their future and their money. Be it for domestic or international corporations, the annual report had to be prepared as laid down by the State Law.

Just like in every other state, Illinois too has its set of Laws and rules that are set by the State government and needs to be followed. The report must be submitted on the month prior to the Anniversary of the corporation. For example, had the corporate been established in the month of August, then the annual report for the subsequent year should be submitted by July 31st.

  • One can file for a Domestic or foreign Illinois Corporate LLC report unless the guide book says otherwise.
  • A corporate can file the corporate annual report online provided they don’t have an office or property outside of the Illinois State.
  • The report generated differs for Domestic and foreign corporations. So, one need to check the website to see the form that is suitable for their corporation and fill out the same.
  • The corporate needs to list down the capital invested, with which the company was initiated along with the other services offered.

For a company with shares, they need to list down the breakup of shares, along with the par value of the same. One needs to look into the articles of incorporation to obtain these information

Illinois Annual Report Fee

Up to six directors can be mentioned in the form filled out via online. If one wishes to enter more, then the annual report should be done on paper and sent across to the office.

The payment for the report can be made online via Mastercard, visa or Amex cards only. And the payment should be made while the report is being filled and not before or later.

To file the annual report online, the fee levied is US $50, which will help speed up the process.

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