Intel Annual Financial Report 2010 at a Glance: Yearly Revenue and Profits

Intel Annual Report

Intel Annual Report

Intel Corporation is one of the most prominent multinational technology corporations. It is based in the United States. With its headquarters in the Santa Clara region of California, this company is the largest maker of semiconductor chips in terms of its revenue earning. The company has to its credit the introduction and production of x86 series microprocessors. These are used in personal computers. Apart from it, the company also offers a wide range of computer peripherals and records huge annual turnover. Before proceeding to the annual turnover reports, it would be wise to know the important products offered by the company. These products include embedded processors, graphic chips, flash memory, integrated circuits, motherboard chipsets and network interface

As per the financial records, 2010 has been a spectacular year for the Intel Corporation. Intel annual report 2010 clearly indicates that it has been the best financial year in the history of the company. The demand for the Intel products has been quite high in most of the world cities where the company has its market base. This situation helps the company earn revenue as high as 43.6 billion dollars. According to the reports, the turnover of the company has increased by 24 percent – a figure which is really praiseworthy.

Intel annual revenue from its operational income is recorded to be 15.6 billion dollars in the year 2010 and the net income has been recorded as high as 11.5 billion dollars in the same year. The earnings from each share are also declared to be $2.01. These records clearly indicate that the company has made a significant development in every aspect in the last financial year.

The CEO of the company in the Intel annual meeting was quite proud to while announcing the achievements of the company. It was reported that the steps taken for factory reuse have fetched positive results. They also helped in driving the cost down. This, in turn, gave a boost to the gross margin which soared to 65 percent. The company has recorded a huge growth in the financial year of 2010 and expects to keep the same trend in the ongoing year.

As per the reports, the profits of the company are following an upward curve in the year 2011. In the end of June 2011, the company reported a total revenue generation of 2.9 billion dollars. The positive growth of the company clearly indicates it has recovered from the effects of recession.

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