Mcdonald’s Annual Financial Report 2010: Sales, Revenue and Profits

Mcdonalds Annual Report To Shareholders

McDonalds, the world famous fast food restaurant has been successful across the years, establishing branches in various parts of the world. Over the years, they have ensured there is no change in their services, and product line, but kept the quality high and maintained the standards across their branches. Not only do they offer customers a delicious meal, but also offer something for the children and adults alike- their happy meal! Children look forward to the doll inside, while parents look forward to watching their children enjoy a meal without a complaint. We are now curious to find out how this big brand fared in the past year- 2010. What was their growth? How much was their annual sales? And any future plans.

McDonald’s has announced that the domestic sales went up by 4.3% in May’10. The leading restaurant chain owes its success and growth to the lavish breakfast menu, one that has been recently launched in certain parts of the United States.  The company also firmly believes that their “everyday affordability” is what gives them an edge over others and what draws the millions of customers to their restaurants for repeated visits.

With an estimated annual sale of nearly $29 billion McDonald’s is far ahead of the other players, especially Burger King, who is said to be the 2nd most popular restaurant in the country.

In 2010, the McDonald’s Global comparable sales shot up by 5% while the Operating income rose by 9%, both of which have been key players in obtaining higher percentage of market share.

They have also been taking care of their share holders very well, which adds to the company’s overall earnings and profits. They offer dividends and share repurchases to the investors, which is rated quite high by the stock markets across the world.  In the year 2010, McDonald’s also strived towards making the customer experience better and ensuring customers make repeated visits to the outlets, and spread the fame of the brand to others they know.

But, the bottom-line is that the brand affordability, wide range of items on the menu along with beverage options, convenience factor, and excellence in operation are what gives McDonald’s the boost they need, keeping them going year after year.  Founded in the year 1940, McDonald’s has gone through 60yrs of business, with each year redefining their goals and relooking at their strategies. They work hard at their brand value through their food items, and services.

McDonald’s is a classic example of a company that rose from a small shop, which has today become a neighborhood joint, one that children and adults enjoy and relish.  Going beyond their burgers, French fries and shakes, McDonald’s relies on the people in their business to help take them forward and keep the ball rolling

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