State Farm Insurance Annual Report for 2011 (Earning, Sales & Dividend)

State Farm Insurance Cos. is one of the leading financial services and group insurance companies working in the United States. The company also has its operations in different places of Canada and records a decent overall earning every year. Though the company offers different types of services, State Farm Automobile Insurance Companies is the primary business of the company and adds to a significant part of the total revenue.

With its corporate base located at Bloomington, in Illinois, United States, the company has been operating successfully in the financial market for years and has secured 34th position in the Fortune 500 companies in the year 2010. The financial year of 2010 has been quite eventful in the history of the company and they recorded a decent profit margin.

Earnings of State Farm Insurance in 2010

State Farm Insurance Cos. Recorded positive financial movements in the year 2010 and glancing through the records below can help in getting a better glimpse of how the company fared in the last fiscal year.

  • The company recorded net worth of $61.2 billion USD in the year 2010, which has been a key factor to boost the development of the company.
  • In the year 2010, the company offered $663 million USD dividends to the policy holders, who have trusted the company in all weathers. Compared to the year 2009, the company has offered $18million USD more as dividends.
  • Stockholders equity in the year 2010 was reported to be 2.9 % while revenue generation from stocks was reported to be 2.8 percent, which is also quite a decent sum.
  • The net revenue generation of the company in the end of the year 2010 was reported to be $ 63,176.7 USD million.
  • The profits of the company in the end of the year 2010 were reported to be $ 1,762.8 million USD.

Comparing the Net Worth of State Farm Insurance Cos

The net worth of the company touched $ 61.2 billion USD in the year 2010, which is the second highest net worth up of the company in his operational history of nine decades. To help investors catch the glimpse of the improvement of the net worth of company, the records of the past decade has been provided below.

Year Net Worth




2003 40.3


2005 50.2
2006 58.1
2007 63.7
2008 53.3
2009 58.1
2010 61.2

*net worth is in dollars and billions

State Farm Insurance Cos. 2011 and Beyond

State Farm Insurance Cos. is working on a strong financial model and they have adopted some intelligent financial planning to help the company grow. According to the reports, the total lobbying spending of the company was reported to be $1.67 billion USD in the end of the second quarter of the year 2011. The number of lobbyists of the company was reported to be 11,674 in the end of the quarter two. The company has also made some significant moves in the insurance sectors and has also declared to contribute for helping people to recover from the disasters of Hurricane Irene.

Insurance (state farm insurance phone number)


Call 1-800-STATE-FARM

Visit the claims center.


Call 1-800-440-0998

Review payment options.


Banking calls

1-877- SF4-BANK (1-877-734-2265)

Credit card calls

1- 877-SF4-VISA (1-877-734-8472)

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