Subway Restaurant Annual Report 2010: Sales, Revenue, Profits and New Products

Subway Restaurant Annual Report

Subway Restaurant Annual Report

How Subway Started?

Subway founded in 1965 by Fred De Luca and Peter Buck and is now owned as a private company called Doctor’s Associates Inc. Fred De Luca borrowed $1000 from Peter Buck, a family friend when, to open the first sub shop. The company, originally called Pete’s Super Submarines, has come a long way since its single store founding.  The two founders still own the company and De Luca serves as the company’s president.

Large Size Subway Pizza’s

Subway restaurants have expanded rapidly throughout their forty plus years of existence. The company is now the largest single brand restaurant in the world, trailing only Yum Brands, which owns KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Subway is now larger in number of stores in the world than McDonald’s, with over 34,500 stores. Company’s franchisee stores allows to expand rapidly with less of its own capital needed. In United States Two-thirds of Subway stores located, which gives the company ample room to expand. Currently in around 100 locations, the company has many new markets to take its worldwide known brand to.

Profits and Revenue

Subway, as a private company, does not have to report their profits and revenue to the public. Subway has decided to stay a private company, and not trading on a major stock exchange, despite constant questioning of plans to go public from the general media. The company’s financials available on several sites as a subscription to private companies. Subway restaurant annual sales in 2005 was five billion dollar range in 2005. The company has likely passed ten billion dollars in annual sales  as it expands across the world.

New Products and Promotions

The company has done a phenomenal job of creating stores and products which cater to each need and wants. Subway has several kosher stores open in the United States. Overseas at several franchised stores, local food favorites now found in the US offered to cater to their customs and international food preferences.

  • Subway has recently released breakfast sandwiches into their popular menu. The stores offer bagels as well as egg and meat sandwiches throughout the morning.

Personal pizzas were first introduced in the chain’s stores in 2006. Pizzas are made to order for customers in less than ninety seconds. This provides another great freshly made food item while still providing it in the short time accustom to Subway customers.

  • Seattle’s Best Coffee, a Starbucks brand, announced in 2009 that they would give coffee as a part of Subway’s breakfast menu.
  • 2008 marked the best marketing campaign of Subway with their $5 footings promotion. All subs are for the low price of $5 to customers for a limited time. This deal caught on rather quickly becoming a national phrase and song from the commercials. The stores offer select sandwiches for $5 everyday now due to the success.

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