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Mukesh Ambani Biography: Net Worth, Personal Life And New Home Antila

No.↓  9decrease

Name↓  Mukesh Ambani

Net worth (USD)↓ $27.0 billion increase    

Age↓ 53

Citizenship↓ India           

Residence↓ India    

Sources of wealth↓ Reliance Industries




India’s highest valued company Reliance Industries...

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Eike Batista Biography Richest Man Of Brazil: Net Worth And Companies Owned


No.↓ 8th Stood steady

Name↓ Eike Batista

Net worth (USD)↓ $30.0 billion increase

Age↓ 53

Citizenship↓ Brazil

Residence↓ Brazil

Sources of wealth↓ EBX Group



Who Is Eike Batista? How He Got So Rich?


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LVMH’s CEO, Bernauld Arnault Biography: Fourth Richest Man In The World

No.↓ 4th Rank Increase          

Name↓   Bernard Arnault  

Net worth (USD)↓ $41.0 billion increase                

Age↓ 62

Citizenship↓ France 

Residence↓ France   

Sources of wealth↓ LVMH Moët Hennessy and  Louis Vuitton              

Bernard Arnault...

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How Did Warren Buffett Get Rich: Net worth and Companies Owned


Name↓            Warren Buffett

No.↓    3 rd steady

Net worth (USD)↓ $50.0 billion increase

Age↓ 80

Citizenship↓ United States

Residence↓ United States

Sources of wealth↓ Berkshire Hathaway


Third Richest Man In The World – Warren...

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Harvard Dropout Bill Gates Biography: How Much Is Bill Gates Worth 2011

Name↓            Bill Gates

Standing at No. 2

Net worth (USD) ↓$56.0 billion increase


Citizenship↓ United States

Residence↓ United States

Sources of wealth↓ Microsoft

Gates now serves as Chairman of...

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