Freelancer.com IPOCompany Plans To Raise US$ 206 million

Freelancer IPO: Company Plans To Raise US$ 206 Million (AUS$ 218 million)

Freelancer.com is a global outsourcing marketplace founded by Matt Barrie in 2009. The company expanded its business through acquisition of GetAFreelancer (Sweden),vWorker, LimeExchange (United States), Scriptlance (Canada), Freelancer.co.uk (United Kingdom), Freelancer.com.au (Australia), Freelancer.de Booking Center (Germany) and Freelancer

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Guidewire Software, Inc. Has Filed $ 100 Million In An IPO

Guidewire Software is top provider of core system software market, that caters to the P&C insurance industry is fragmented and highly competitive. This company always wanted to empower Property and Casualty insurance carriers so that they can transform and develop …