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How to Calculate Quartiles? Formulae with Examples

Quartiles are the values that divide a list of numbers into quarters. In Statistics, “Quartile’ is one of the values of a variable that divides the distribution of the variable in to four groups having equal frequencies. Thus, Quartile divides …

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How to Calculate Molarity? Formulae with Examples

A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances whose concentration can be varied within in certain limit. For example, x amount of sugar can be dissolved maximum in one liter of water. If we want to …

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Is Online & Mobile Bill Payment Taking Our Mailboxes Digital?

What is Digital Mailbox Service 

Digital Mailbox Services (DMS) are becoming widely popular as an alternative to the traditional letter box. It is a secured inbox that allows you to receive your business postal mail via Internet directed as per …

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How to Calculate Weighted Average? Formulae with Examples


“Weighted Average” is an average resulting from the multiplication of each component of a series of observation by a factor reflecting its importance. It is a mean in which each item being averaged is multiplied by a number (called …