American Express Blue Cash Card Benefits and Disadvantages: Review

American express blue cash is an excellent credit card that promises to offer more than any other card. As there is more to its offers than mere claims, it has won the trust of the common man. Today, blue cash card gas has become a necessity in the daily life of an average American.

What are Its Benefits?

This card has become popular because of the numerous benefits it offers. These include:

Reward Points: American Express Blue Cash offers excellent reward points even for common purchases. You can look forward to earning points for necessary expenses like grocery purchase, gas-fills and even purchases like clothing. And you must be thinking the rates would be minimal. That’s not the case. For instance, the card offers unlimited 6% cash back on groceries. Blue Cash’s no-fee counterpart, the Blue Cash Everyday, pays out 3% and 2% respectively. And all this comes at an annual membership fee of $75 only. New card holders are eligible for an introductory APR of 0% for the first year.

For every $1,000 expended in the first three months of card membership one can earn $150 cash back in “Reward Dollars”. The standard return rates are: 6% cash back at supermarkets, 3% cash back on gasoline purchased from gas stations, 3% from select major department stores; and 1% cash back on other purchases. The Reward Dollars can be redeemed as a statement credit. Cash back is offered on select purchases. The win back rewards can be redeemed to pay your annual membership fees.

Travel Protection. Despite not being a travel rewards credit card, the Blue Cash Everyday offers several travel friendly protection policies. These include, travel accident insurance, assured hotel reservations, travel assistance etc.

Referral Bonus: Another good way to earn with your card is by referring your friends. For each approved recommendation of Blue Cash Everyday Card, you win a Referral Bonus: of 75 Reward Dollars. There is no limit on the number of friends one can refer.



High Interest Rates: This card like, other cards, comes with steep rates. So, if you are not used to paying your balance in full, this may not provide you respite.

Foreign Transaction Fees: If you frequently visit foreign lands, you get no benefit on what you expend. Also, the 2.7% fee is bit on the high side.

Less Acceptance: To get maximum benefits, you need to make daily purchases. But most stores only accept Visa and MasterCard

The disadvantages, not withstanding, the American Express Blue Cash is still a good card to have.

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