Chase Sapphire Credit Card Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

Features of Chase Sapphire Credit Card

The most important feature of this card has been its superior reward. This is followed by its flexible. This makes it best suited for those who don’t want to miss out on the good things in life. Right from the time you sign up, Chase Sapphire starts doling ou reward points and keeps it up whether you redeem it or not. The Ultimate Rewards booking tool can be used to book flights and hotels, without any conditions or deadlines. Likewise, you can get comparable points on your other flight and hotel purchases by not using the proprietary booking service. It is primarily because of these fair terms and affordable fees that the Chase Sapphire rewards credit card is widely preferred.

Added to these features is extra flexibility befitting millionaires. For example, you can look forward to discount pricing and special seating for important events in your city. Alternatively, those who love to be a bit trendy or lead a pompous life can get a chance to meet celebrities or even take golfing lessons. Moreover, you get a chance to use the card around the globe as it is accepted in 170 countries. Every penny that you spend is accounted for with easy and secure online account access.

Chase Sapphire Credit Card Review:

Before you get to own this card, you need to know about the advantage and disadvantage of  owning this card.


  • A user can earn up to 1 point per dollar spent on purchases, and 2 points per dollar spent on dining.
  • A generous sign up bonus awaits users. For instance when a new user spends 500 in the first three months he earns 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points. That amounts to $100 in rewards.
  • Redeem points for rewards: Each Ultimate Rewards point is worth 1 cent towards cash back, travel rewards, gift cards, or a statement credit.
  • The card comes with no annual fee whatsoever.


The points earned with Chase Sapphire are less than that one can earn with Sapphire Preferred points. With Chase’s Sapphire Preferred card, you don’t have the option of redeeming Ultimate Rewards points for hotel points or airline miles. The interest rate for Chase Sapphire is 15.24 percent. This is much higher than other cards. Another distinct disadvantage is that unlike other cards, you need to shell out a foreign transaction fee of 3 percent on all charges processed outside the United States with your Chase Sapphire card.

Now you are in a better position to take a call on your Chase Sapphire card.

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