Credit Card Assistance: Learn When Not To Use A Credit Card

Get Credit Card Assistance  On Misuse and OverUse of Credit Cards

Credit cards are meant to be used- but not always. Do you know when not to use a creditcard? If not then catch up

  •  Do not use a card if you do not have a plan to pay the credit off. In other wordswhen it comes to spending don’t be impulsive, especially if it involves lot ofmoney. Plan before you go for your card.
  • Do not use your credit card when you are near your credit limit. This is to avoidyour credit score from going down. If you are too close to your credit limit, thebest way out is to ask your credit card company to raise your limit.
  • Do not use you credit card if you wish to build your credit history. If you fail topay on time, your credit history will take a severe beating.
  • Do not use your card if you cannot pay for half of the purchase with cash on hand.This will help you plan to pay the money in a proper way. If not, you may not beable to strike a balance between what you earn and spend.
  • Do not use your card to gain reward points. This is a ploy devised to make youwalk into a trap. Use your card when you are truly in need and irrespective ofcredit points.
  • Do not use your card to purchase something from a website with an obscureforeign extension. Web thieves are constantly on the prowl.

Using your credit card calls for extra caution. Follow the above mentioned tips to be on the safe side.

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