5 Most Historic Events Of 2012 That Shaped The Course Of Outgoing Year

Year 2012 in Retrospect, lets take a close look at the important historic events that shaped the course of the outgoing year.

  • Obama’s Second Term

The most talked about development in the year 2012, was arguably, the reelection of President Obama for a second term. It came against insurmountable economic odds. However, the victory was by no means easy. The Republicans took the fight down to the wire. With elections over, the biggest fear for the US economy continued to be the impending fiscal cliff. Both the Democrats and Republicans have not been able to break the deadlock over ways to fight the economic crisis.

  •  France’s flamboyant President, Nicolas Sarkozy was ousted this year.

But Sarkozy still fancy’s a chance of a comeback as his successor, François Hollande, is in deep trouble. In Russia, the Vladimir Putin effect held its sway, after he swapped the prime minister’s job for a return to the presidency.

  • China launched its first aircraft carrier this year.

Another political development of equally important magnitude was the change of guard in China. China’s followed with its tradition of a 10-year transition with Xi Jinping taking over the top job from Hu Jintao. Interestingly, China has a pop singer for its first lady.

The South and East China seas were the epicenter of nationalist passion this year.  China flexed its muscles over a whimpering Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and others, over territorial control. As a prelude for things to come, China launched its first aircraft carrier this year. Beijing dubbed US efforts US to strengthen regional alliances as a crude attempt at containment.

  • Syria’s tryst with blood rose to a pitch this year.

With the estimated death toll rising above 40,000, President Bashar al-Assad left no stones unturned to cling to power. It is widely feared that the conflict might spread to Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. Iran clandestine nuclear program continued to top the unresolved diplomatic problems of the year. As usual, North Korea continued with its missile testing paranoia with South Korea and the US watching helplessly.

This New Year holds the key to the culmination of many unresolved issues that cropped up in 2012.

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