India Economic Outlook 2011: Inflation Rate, Unemployment & GDP Growth

Indian economy is now attracting the attention of the people from all over the world. The financial condition of the country has shown significant development in the last few months and has become much stable these days. The Indian economic outlook 2011 also indicates that the financial condition of the country has become more stable in the recent years, yet inflation has been a significant problem. As per the reports, policy makers of the country have given a significant boost to the financial state of the country. They have brought development in the country’s financial state in exchange of the risks related to macro stability which resulted in the inflation.

Inflation Rate In India

According to the financial experts, the economic condition of the country has become stable and the GDP has also improved in the last few quarters. However, the high inflation rate has overshadowed the growth of the economy and that is the reason why many are considering that the economic condition of India is still unstable. As per the reports of Indian inflation rate 2011, the non-food inflation has come down to 7 percent this year. It was around 11 percent previously. Reports indicate that inflation rate has become a major cause of concern these days among the common men of the country. It has also raised the eyebrows of investors, too.

Rising Rate Of Unemployment in India

Financial experts have implemented different measures for bringing stability in the inflationary condition of the country. They have also designed programs for boosting the overall economy of the country. As per the reports, the Indian unemployment rate 2011 has also remained a cause of concern among the people. The latest reports indicate that the unemployment rate of the country is at 9.4 percent this year which is quite high. According to the reports, forty million people are still unemployed in the country and more employment opportunities are required for balancing the condition.

India’s GDP growth Rate

Reports state that several industries have been developed in the country in the past few years and many have been included in the five years development plan for stabilizing the condition. With more financial stabilization plans introduced in the recent years, the overall economy of the country has received a boost. The Indian GDP growth at present is 9.1 percent which is also quite appreciating. Even though the gross domestic product has made a significant growth in the past months, the country needs to maintain a strict growth for emerging as an advanced economy.

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