US Economy 2011 Forecast: Economic Outlook and Future Predictions

The economic condition of the United States has been significantly hammered during the economic recession a couple of years back. Though the financial condition of the country has shown some recovery in the recent past, unemployment and job cuts have been a significant problem for the economy. The stock market condition is also quite tumultuous and US economy 2011 predictions indicate that the value of dollars is weakening in the recent days. The predictions also indicate that the value of gold bullions is subjected to increase significantly in near future.

US Economic Outlook 2011

According to the financial experts, the conditions of the US economy would show some significant developments in the year 2011 and it will not be the same dull economy as what was experienced in last year. Yet, the investors may have to experience some risks in the stock market for the regular ups and downs in the economic condition. To avoid the risks, the US Federal Reserve may keep the interests low and avoid any kind of inflation related problems. Inflationary situation can weaken the economic condition of the country further. In this situation, controlling the interest rate is the only way to keep the situation under control.

As regards the present economic conditions of the United States, it has been developing significantly in the recent days. Companies have shown significant improvement in the first quarter and the reports of the second quarter are also expected to become even better. It will boost the economic condition of the country to a great extent.

The financial experts have also made a positive indication on the future of the US economy. According to the reports, future of US economy 2011 is expected to be brighter in all sectors. Though there will be some pressure on the fixed assets income market, it will be much less compared to that of the previous years. Bonds market is also expected to be better in the coming days.

The US economy 2011 forecast also indicates that the banks of the United States will also show strong recovery in the coming days and the income of the investors will rise up significantly. However, the specific amount for the increase in income has not been mentioned as it will depend on the prevailing market condition. It has also been stated that the deficit reduction process will also become one of the hottest political issues in the elections next year.


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