What Is Wikileaks (News): What Is Something Stinky About Wiki Leaks

What is Wikileaks Website Do and How Did they Start?

Wikileaks is an online organization that was set up in 2007. The purpose or primary aim of the organization is to publish hidden or sensitive documents kept away from public. The ease with which digital documents can be duplicated has made it possible for wikileaks to procure and reveal vital secret information to the common man.

Wikileaks was set up with the agenda of exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Sub-Saharan Africa, Soviet bloc, and the Middle East. It first came into the limelight with the publication of documents from the Church of Scientology. It gained fame by leaking the personal e-mails of US Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

A few months back wiki leaks hogged the headlines by leaking U.S. military protocols for Guantanamo Bay detainees and battlefield video of a controversial U.S. airstrike in Baghdad. Currently their site is off due to this controversy [www.wikileaks.org]

Wiki leaks editor in chief Julian Assange, says Wikileaks is enabled by volunteers around the world to get access to secret documents as well as translate and authenticate them. However, he has studiously refused to name them. Like its mysterious volunteers spread across several locations around the world, Assange himself remains in undisclosed locations.

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