Why Should The Government Provide Public Goods And Health Care

Question: I want to know why the government should provide public goods and Health care services to its citizens.

An example of public good is national defense. It benefits every citizen. Likewise, maintenance of law and order and maintenance of cleanliness of roads are public goods provided by the government.

Governments are always in a better position to determine the goods to be supplied to the public. In the same way the government is the best agency to collect the resources needed to fund these services. Also, it is the governments which can judge what kind of services are “optimal” and what the citizens “fair share” is.

Without government control over public goods markets would not be able to function normally. This is because markets depend heavily on property rights, legal institutions, nomenclature, peace and security and incentives. When none of these is guaranteed markets will be wary to conduct business freely thereby affecting the society by and large. It is only the government, as a supreme authority, that can guarantee all of this and keep matters under control.

Delivering justice is a very important function of the government. It is arguably the foundation on which a peaceful society rests. This can, at times, best be achieved by the use of physical force. Governments can carry this out effectively because it is empowered by the constitution to carry it out.

Moreover governments are committed to the principle of due process — e.g., strict rules of evidence, reliability, impending dangers, quick and fair trial requirements, etc. It is because of this that governments need to provide public goods  and health care services to its citizens.

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