Eike Batista Biography Richest Man Of Brazil: Net Worth And Companies Owned

Eike Batista Bio


No.↓ 8th Stood steady

Name↓ Eike Batista

Net worth (USD)↓ $30.0 billion increase

Age↓ 53

Citizenship↓ Brazil

Residence↓ Brazil

Sources of wealth↓ EBX Group



Who Is Eike Batista? How He Got So Rich?

At the age of 54 and Brazil’s growing economy, Batista has set his site on Carlos Slim Helu to take the title of richest person in the world. The Brazilian citizen, Eike Batista, has skyrocketed up the world’s richest people list put out by Forbes magazine each year. The son of Eliezer Batista da Silva, who was the long time leader of Vale, learned business senses at a young age.

Early Life

Batista spent the majority of his childhood in Europe despite being born in Brazil. He attended Aachen University in Germany, but dropped out before finishing his degree program. Batista returned to Brazil after dropping out and began a gold selling business. It was in 2000 Batista made a small fortune by selling a stake he had in TVX Gold. This sale was for one billion dollars. It was with the proceeds from this sale that Batista was able to purchase several small companies on his own including those in the mining field.

Net Worth

In March of 2011 Batista had a net worth of thirty billion dollars ($30 billion USD). The holding company EBX Group and Batista’s large interest in OGX are the main sources of wealth for Batista. Batista has been taking several of his companies public in America, Brazil, and England. This IPO process has been how Batista got rich and gained in notoriety throughout the world. OGX, for example, was taken public in 2007 and represents two thirds of Batista’s wealth. Batista has been smart with the timing of taking companies public. By giving up small ownership stakes, Batista gets much needed capital to invest in the business and generally makes a nice profit on the initial price offering (IPO).

Companies Owned By EBX Group

• LLX Group – Logistics in Brazil
• MD.X – Medical Center in Rio de Janeiro
• MMX Miner – Mining and Metal Company in Brazil and Chile
• OGX – Largest Private Oil Company in Brazil
• MPX Energia – Electricity in Brazil
• Offshore Services X – Shipyard
• Mr. Lam – Chinese Restaurant
• Gloria Palace Hotel
• Pink Fleet – Cruise Ship

Personal Life

Batista has two children Thor and Olin from his former marriage to ex-Playboy Playmate Luma de Oliveira. The couple were married for thirteen years before divorcing in 2004. Batista is very vocal about his goal to become the richest person in the world and also about any charitable donations which he makes. Batista is a superstitious man recognizing power behind the letter X, which is recognized in all the companies owned in EBX Group, the Sun, and the number 63. Batista is a speed boat enthusiast and often can be seen on his 48 foot catamaran with 1600 horsepower engines, with his son Thor.

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