Steve Jobs Biography: Lifetime Achievements & His Story of Success

Steve Jobs Bio

Steve Jobs Bio

Tribute To Steve Job’s past life:

During the late 1970’s, Steve Jobs along with the Apple co-founder Mike Markkula, Steve Wozniak and some other people developed, designed and marketed the personal computers. During the early 1980’s, Steve jobs was the first to look at the potential of Xerox PARC’s mouse that is driven by graphical user interface that led to the creation of Macintosh. After a great struggle with the board of directors in the year 1985, he resigned from Apple and founded the NeXT. It was a computer platform development business that specializes in the higher education and business markets. From then, Steve Jobs was serving as the chief executive officer until the year 2011.

In the year 1986, Steve got the computer graphics division of the Lucasfilm Ltd. He served as CEO and most of the shareholder of about 50.1% until he got the Walt Disney Company in the year 2006. Subsequently, Steve jobs became Disney’s highest shareholder at the rate of 7%. On August 24, 2011 he announced the official resignation from the role of CEO in Apple Inc. Apple announced that Jobs had died on October 5, 2011.

Jobs life in Apple Inc.

In the year 1976, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak founded the Apple. Wozniak and jobs had been for many numbers of years. They had met in the year 1971, when they were introduced by their mutual friend Bill Fernandez introduced 16 year old Jobs to Wozniak who was then 21 years old. Jobs interested Wozniak by assembling the computers and selling them. At that time, Apple was searching for people who were very much experienced so that they could serve the organization for the expansion.

In the year 1983, Jobs attracted John Sulley away from the Pepsi-Cola company to help to serve the Apple’s CEO. At a shareholder’s meeting, Steve jobs introduced the Macintosh to the audience who were very enthusiastic. The Macintosh became the first successful small computer with the graphical user interface.

Steve Jobs in NeXT

After resigning Apple Inc, he founded the NeXT computer in the year 1985. After a year, he was bankrupt and with no products in his pocket, he appealed for capital. To his surprise, he attracted a billionaire named Ross Perot who invested large amount of money in his company. The workstation was released in the year 1990 and he priced it with $9999. Similar to the Apple Lisa, he designed that was technologically advanced than the Apple. However, it was largely dismissed by the educational sector as it was cost prohibitive.

The second generation computers named the NeXTcube was released in the year 1990. He told the media that it was the first interpersonal computer that would replace the personal paradigm with NeXTMail e mail system with the image, graphics, video and voice. He was also as “Academy Of Achievement “

He said that the interpersonal computers will be revolutionizing human communications and work. It was the first computer to support clickable embedded graphics with an audio in the mail. He had a considerable strain and in the year 1993, he had sold only 50,000 computers. Then he transitioned NeXT into NeXTSTEP/Intel. This company reported a profit of $1.03 billion in the first year i.e. 1994. Later NeXT was acquired by Apple in the year 1997. The web object that was released in NeXT was used to build MobileMe services, Apple stores and iTunes store.

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