Facebook Acquires Location Based Geo Social Service Gowalla

Trying to be different and create a niche for them, Gowalla aimed at becoming a travel guide of sorts across the world, but could not sustain or fight the stiff competition.  The founders are going to join Facebook, which will put an end to the website, which means every member on it will have nowhere to login and check in to, but look at Facebook places or Foursquare.

Foursquare, said to be the leader in location based website swept the world clean with over 10 million users who were using the site extensively, beyond simply sharing their current locations

Today with Social media and social networking being the key words in everyone’s mind, it has become essential to introduce something new, something different to people, else you will get lost in the flurry of newbie’s who are cropping up almost daily. Infact, the irony here is that both Gowalla and Foursquare were born in 2009, and some thought Gowalla would survive better because they had a better design factor. Alas, with nothing more badges and points, Gowalla failed to impress its users, opening doors to Facebook entry and overtake

Talks were on with Facebook from September 2011 was what co founder Josh Williams had shared on the blog site. They were obviously taken aback with the new developments that Facebook had come up and how fast they were moving ahead, which gave their members something new to look forward to. At the same time, this meant Gowalla members were missing out on new venues and options, which could be a reason why they let Facebook, go ahead take them over.

Most of the time what happens is one person will sign into the new app that has popped up, subsequently their friends will follow suit, but once everyone has signed in, and they realize there is nothing exciting, slowly they start withdrawing or moving to other portals that was exciting!

But an interesting observation here is that Facebook will take over Gowalla, but not get access to the User data information, which might come as a relief to the users. Also, Facebook recently picked up two other sites-Mail Rank and Strobe.. Looks like Facebook is going places, especially since the world seems to have been taken over by the Smart phones!

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