Financial Planner Worksheet: Suze Orman Worksheet with Examples

Setting Up a Working Financial Planner Worksheet

There is one solution for most people who are worried about the deficit of their income. The simple way out of losing too much money is by writing your expenses and income in a comprehensive financial planner worksheet. With the help of identifying the three major factors in the financial aspect, people can definitely iron out their money. The three factors in a financial worksheet should include:

  • The gross income. This is the amount you gain in raw before taxes are charged in your earnings.
  • The net income. It is the amount of your income that you get after deduction for taxes and others. The net income amount can also include the premiums that you are paying throughout your employment.
  • Basic and miscellaneous expenses. This part of the pie is the one where you spend most of your net income on. Every financial worksheet must record and enumerate in detail the expenses along with the corresponding amount.

Sample of Financial Statement Worksheet

Below is one of the many financial statements examples that may be useful. The Suze Orman worksheet also includes suggestions for determining the net income and doing the necessary deductions such as:

  • Food
  • House/Rent Payment
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Trash
  • Car Payment/s
  • Gas for Car
  • Car Maintenance
  • Toll (if any)

Other important miscellaneous expenses:

  • Emergency Fund
  • Giving/Charity
  • Investment(s)
  • Clothing
  • Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Cable TV
  • Pocket Money
  • Children’s Allowance
  • Doctor(s)
  • Dentists(s)
  • Debts:
  • Student Loan(s
  • Finance Company
  • Credit Card
  • Other/s

Now, the amount that is left from deducting all basic and miscellaneous expenses can be saved or spent at your disposal. The most important thing is to know where the income is spent and enable you to work on your budget.

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