First Anniversary Celebrations Made on 15th August: Thanks To All

Our First Anniversary Celebration

Our First Anniversary Celebration

Let us put our hands together, bring out the party favours and sing Happy 1st Anniversary to Finance n  The year has flown by with information on Finance and investment flowing in on a daily basis. We have managed to provide content across topics, answer some common questions and let people share their thoughts on the various topics related to these two.

We all know how important finance and investment is to a person and that is why the website was created. The sole focus of the site is to offer not only information, but also clarify queries. Through the site we brings out topics and questions that many have in their heads or have been seeking answers for.


We talk about insurance, we talk about investment tools and we also share inside tips on these topics. What do you do if you want to take a mortgage or pay it off early; How do banks make money,  the changes in Mortgage rates and how it will affect the common man. Over the past few months, we have been covering not just specific themes, but also given updates and information as it happened.

When S &P downgraded the credit rating of USA, we managed to give a report on the very same day, making sure our readers were kept abreast on the happenings across the world. Going beyond being a finance and investment based portal, we have been giving inside information on various companies and their annual reports. This goes to give people investing in company stocks and others keen on the market to understand how their company shares are performing, and their finance information for a certain period of time.

Our website also presents the daily stock market statistics, giving the visitors a comprehensive chart that shows them how the market is faring and the information across stock markets in the world.

Another feature that has been popular on the website is the Biographies of famous leading businessmen and industry leaders from across the world. Providing information and data on people and markets, the website is the one stop shop for anyone looking for information, insight and statistics to help them understand the terms and tempers of the market.

For anyone who has ever had a query or curiosity about a specific industry, company or market, the finance n investment website is just the solution. They can not only learn the basics, but also keep themselves updated on what is happening beyond their world. This gives people the authority to take good decisions and make wise choices when it comes to their money.

Here’s to many more years of provide good quality content and updates as it happens!

Thanks To All

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