Vanguard Asset Allocation Fund Performance Analysis and Review

Asset Allocation fund

Investing your saved money in high income funds or high growth funds is not all. If you want to get the best return for your money, you will have to take note of proper allocation of funds. Someone who does not allocate or manage the funds in the right way will not be able to reap the gains of the invested money. When someone is considering about proper management of his funds, he needs to have a complete idea of asset allocation fund. This is an important financial term which refers to relative percentage of different types of core assets.

In some cases, the diversification has been made within different assets like municipal bonds, corporate bonds, market capitalization as well growth stocks. Learning the basics of manipulation of the investments is not all. One also needs to know how to calculate it. In order to calculate it, one needs to consider the asset class value of holding and dividing it with portfolio assets or total fund.

What is Assets Class Breakdown

Asset class breakdown is considered to be one of the easiest ways of determining a fund’s approximate risk profile. Yet, one needs to take note of the risks associated with the funds. According to veteran analysts as well as economists, noting down the breakdowns is of immense importance as it helps in determining the growth of the investment that has been made. So, one should never ignore the calculations.

When it comes to allocation of funds and investments, Vanguard asset allocation fund review should be taken into consideration. Glancing through it will help in understanding the nature of these investment policies which in turn will assist you in determining your investments in the best way.

Vanguard Asset Allocation Fund Performance Review


Assets (Millions USD) 9,435.200 (on 04/29/11) Last Dividend Net 0.195000 (ex 12/16/10)
Dividend Type Income Dividend Yield (ttm) 1.515

Fees and Expenses and Expenses

Front Load 0.00 Back Load 0.00
Redemption Fee 0.00 Current Mgmt Fee 0.25
Expense Ratio 0.27 12b1 Fee 0.00


1-Month -2.99 3-Month 1.43
Year to Date 4.74 1-Year 18.34
3-Year -1.57 5-Year 1.24

Fund Information

Inception Date: 11/03/88 Managers: THOMAS LOEB “TOM” / WILLIAM FOUSE “BILL

To help investors in making their pick in the best way, Vanguard has introduced different types of investment funds or investment policies. Shifting allocation is one of the most important aspects of Vanguard. As the name indicates, this investment shifts continuously depending on the prevailing condition of the market.

Therefore, someone who wants to gain the best return of the investments made in these funds should monitor the market conditions on a regular basis. If managed intelligently, these funds can surely help in doubling the investment in the least span of time. Yet, risks are high too. So, one should think twice and then come to a decision. When someone is making investments in any stock market scheme, he should take note of the pros and cons related to it.

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