How to Get a Free Credit Report Online

Getting a free credit report online has become a popular trend to be practiced by people who want to know about their credit history. The online version of credit history is sought when people grow curious to know about detail of their credit payments before receiving it in physical form. Sometimes, the need to get online credit report is also felt by people who are about to enter into a big deal such a purchasing a home or a car.

You would be able to get a free credit report online successfully if you follow the below-mentioned tips.

§  Visit the specifically designed websites such as, and These websites are known to offer credit report free of cost. While browsing, you would be able to get your credit report prepared by agencies such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

§  Make sure that you remember your renewal date. Most of the online free credit reports require users to insert their billing information. However, after a period of thirty to sixty days, the credit cards of the users are billed for an extensive membership. However, the extension of membership involves charges.

How to Get a Free Credit Score

Getting a free credit score requires users to access to any of the three important credit reporting agencies. The entire process involves several steps. However, you can start the process by making a selection of your home state and clicking the options ‘Request Report.’

How to Get a Free Credit Report from the Government

In order to get a free credit report from government, you require to get in touch with the above-mentioned credit report agencies. The website ( that processes the credit report requests is approved by the federal government.