Is Online & Mobile Bill Payment Taking Our Mailboxes Digital?

What is Digital Mailbox Service 

Digital Mailbox Services (DMS) are becoming widely popular as an alternative to the traditional letter box. It is a secured inbox that allows you to receive your business postal mail via Internet directed as per your postal address. The major benefit of DMS is that it can get all the business mail in one secure spam-free location on the chosen device and can be kept electronically as long as one wants. DMS is a hybrid mail and scanning process that converts incoming paper mail into digital form and delivers the mail to the consumer electronically. It is a fast and efficient way to receive and manage mails.
It is a combination of digital mailbox and filing based system on your postal address. Filing options include sender, date, read status, pre-set notifications, and even personalized notes.  It is free and delivered in exact digital versions of your mail, come direct to you from the sender. Once you are registered and verified with your name and street address you will automatically begin receiving mail from mailers supported with Digital Postal Mail. Once you are comfortable with your digital statements, you can ask the mailer to stop sending the paper version. Digital Postal Mail (DPM) is different from e-mail on many counts. E-mails are not as secured as Digital Postal Mail. Your digital postal mails are delivered in a secured mail box through a secure channel. E-mails are given as notifications that certain statement or bill is available, and to check that you have to log into several different sites. Digital mails are assorted automatically as per their senders or subjects as per your choice. You need not download anything; DPM is available on any web-enabled device including computers, smart phones and tablets that support use of a web browser. You can scan and upload any document to your account.

The digital mail as is expected will kick the habit of receiving hard copy statements. This single online mailbox will enable consumers to receive, store and pay bills from multiple providers. He can decide from which provider he will accept correspondence, payments and promotions. It will accelerate the transition from paper to online delivery; make new opportunity for customer agreement. There is one growing section of consumers who prefer to receive all mails electronically on one shot.

In USA there are four main competitors who are competing for the top berth in the DMS ground, they are: Zumbox, Volly, Manillaand doxo. In Europe, most of the DMS are provided by the country’s postal service. In Denmark there are over 3.5 million subscribers already, almost two thirds of the country’s population. The digital mailbox” represents an incredible opportunity for high volume mailer, transactional print providers and service bureaus.

Benefits of Digital Mail Box

  • It is an exciting personal online management tool to receive mail and pay bills
  • Free account with enough storage for personal document
  • Any time it is easily accessible via any device with an internet connection
  • Sender can be controlled and selected possible to avoid spam
  • Highly secured, includes encrypted communications
  • Payment reminders, one-click bill payments, and automatic payments

The advancement of technology is constantly changing consumer behavior. Rising cost of paper, time and cost of document delivery are driving them way from traditional mailing towards fast but low cost paperless option like digital mailbox. This justifies some of the reasons why most Postal Services around the world are continuing to lose millions while in contrast Facebook and Twitter are experiencing meteoric growth.

InfoTrend, one of the leading market research firms in the document industry has estimated that more than 2 billion paperless transactions will be delivered by the digital mailbox providers in USA in 2015.

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