Black Berry Insurance: How to Claim for Water Damage and Replacement

Warranty, Replacement and Water damage Policy

Crime records show that a mobile phone is stolen in about half of all street crime. Likewise, almost one third of all street crimes is related to mobile phone theft. Needless to say, owning a blackberry makes you a prime target. Losing one would cost you $600 to replace. So, why risk a loss and bear the brunt of shelling an extra $600? Blackberry warranty not only cushions you from a loss but also gives you peace of mind.

Apart from theft, blackberry insurance water damage can also protect your mobile from damages caused by seeping water. Caught in heavy rains, the thought of protecting your phone may escape your mind. By the time you realize the damage may have been done. What if your playful child dips it into the tub?

Blackberry can be covered instantly without having to wait for documentation to arrive. And this comes at a very cheap cost of $ 5 to $ 10. There are several fully loaded insurance policies to safe guard your blackberry. These policies underwritten by well known insurance companies like Fortis Insurance. When it comes to blackberry insurance claim, these are the best companies to rely upon.

If you haven’t insured your blackberry, its time you hurry! All you require is valid proof of purchase.

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