Learn How to Pick the Best Individual Health Insurance Policy?

Health insurance policies come with some common traps. However, with the help of some basics, you can always side-step the traps and make a perfect choice. However, you need to take a call, only after considering both your medical needs and how much you can afford paying every month. When you have the right insurance, you get the right kind of coverage at the right cost.

How to choose your health Insurance?

Every health insurance covers a wide range of diseases. Your task is to identify the most important coverage for your family. And for this the age of the insured and your family medical history must be taken into consideration. For instance, if you have a family history of diabetes, make sure costs for blood tests, retina check- up and dialysis is covered. If you are about to get married including maternity costs can be a wise move. Likewise for aged members you need to include coverage for diseases like cancer, heart ailments etc.


  • Don’t buy more than you can chew i.e. don’t venture into a policy which can strain your budget. The best option is to go for a policy with a high deductible; because it would cost high deductible will bring in peripheral benefits early. Less per month, and can help you save money. Moreover, if you are young, a policy with


  • Most of us have a specialist of our choice. So before we buy a policy, it is important to check the network for your specialist. If not, policies would cover a lower share of the cost incurred or at times cover no cost at all. Visit the insurance company’s website to get updated information before you actually commit yourself to a policy.


  • Get a correct picture of the share of your costs. These expenses come in the form of co-pays and coinsurance – a percentage of expenses you have to bear. It is equally important to ensure that your policy covers the drug costs. Check the plans list of covered medications to make sure your medications – if you are a chronic patient – are included.


  • Do also consider the annual limits on coverage and services. And that’s because the Affordable Care Act enforces limits on services not considered to be “essential”. Always make sure that all your dependents are included.


  • Another very important step is to consider all plans. That’s because not all attractive plans are good and not all seemingly less promising plans are bad. Go through the fine print to know the plan in as much details as possible.


  • Once you judge and pick a plan on the basis of these parameters, you can rest assured about the coverage.

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