How to Become an Independent Insurance Agent

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Generally, there are two types of insurance agents—(a) captive agents who works for a particular insurance company; and (b) independent insurance agent who represents several insurance carriers to match insurance policies according to his client’s requirement with best offers, prices and coverage. Becoming an independent insurance broker means that you do not represent any particular company.  How to Become an Independent Insurance Agent or how to start an independent insurance agency are more common questions today.


Become an Independent Insurance Agent

Each state has own laws on insurance businesses. So first, get acquainted with the statute requirements to become an independent insurance agent within your own desired territory. An independent insurance agent should be flexible, disciplined, enthusiastic, hardworking and confident. To be successful, he must be well conversant with different insurance products, tax laws, government benefit programs and efficient enough to influence people’s decision to transact business in his favor.


Here we are mentioning few basic steps involved in the process to start a profession of independent insurance agent.


Get Necessary Education : Although you it may not be mandatory to have a college degree to become an independent insurance agent but there is no doubt that the job becomes easier with some levels of educations like marketing, mathematics, finance, accounting, business laws and administration. In some countries you may need to complete a licensing course before pursuing a career of independent insurance agent. Some states may require insurance agents to continue courses to maintain license.

Get Necessary Licenses: Every country and state has own set of licensing requirement. You may need a separate license for each kind of insurance products you want to sell. You may need to qualify some pre-licensing coursework in some cases.

Select Important Insurance Carriers:You must know which company and insurance products are best to secure maximum business. Trust the names who are in business for longer period of time with excellent track records. Identify the products with the maximum business potentials. After selecting you must contact and have contract with the companies you wish to represent. Identify the insurance services that are right for you. Learn about their claim processes for prompt service with personal touch to your potential clients.

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