O2 iPhone Insurance Policy: Insure your iPhone 4g with O2 Insurance

Insurance For iPhone with o2

Planning for iphone insurance? Go for o2 insurance. o2 Insurance iphone is underwritten by ACE European Group Ltd. This insurance is available only for those who are over the age of 18 years. It must be purchased within 28 days of activating your iPhone account with o2.

What Does O2 Insurance Iphone Policy Have For You

o2 insurance iphone policy covers theft, loss, accidental damage (including water damage) etc. The insurance comes with global coverage along with free international delivery and accessory cover up to £200. With an O2 Insure Premier policy your iphone is covered for unauthorized calls up to the value of £3000.

o2 Insurance Iphone Claim Benefits

You can buy your insurance right when you purchase your iPhone. For proper o2 insurance iphone claim you can also fill the insurance form within 28 days of purchasing your iPhone and the monthly charge will be added to your account.

o2 iPhone is Now Will Also Insure  4g Phone

iPhone 4g is the first ever fourth generation iPhone that has been launched recently. It takes over from iphone 3g. Insurance for o2 iPhone 4g is available in the network on a monthly contract for either 18 or 24 months.

Other 02 Insure Premier for iPhone include iPhone 8GB, iPhone 3GS 16GB, iPhone4 and 32GB iPhone4. All this comes at a cost of £15.00 per month.

o2 insurance iphone offers your internet mobile phone lot of security and peace of mind.

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