Verizon Insurance Claim for Warranty, Water Damage and Replacement

Verizon Insurance Information

Verizon insurance provides excellent phone insurance plan. Your mobile phone is covered for almost all kinds of eventualities like if they become inoperable, lost, stolen, accidentally damaged, or begin to malfunction.

Verizon warranty

For phones comes for as less as $5.99 per month. For every approved claim you have to put up with a non-refundable deductible of $39. For coverage of each advanced devices you are charged $7.99 per month. This again comes with non-refundable deductible of $ 89 per approved claim. When you opt for these do not overlook verizon insurance water damage. For a detailed list of equipment in the Phones and Advanced Devices programs you must visit the website.

Verizon insurance claim

Also offer you the option of mobile recovery. The Mobile Recovery application is included with Total Equipment Coverage, and comes at no extra charges. With the help of mobile recovery you can locate a lost device, send out a phone alarm to find a lost device, lock the device from remote access to safeguard your data and

Even wipe contacts to protect your privacy.

Verizon extended warranty also provides coverage against any electrical or mechanical malfunctions and manufacturer defects after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. In case of malfunctioning devices the customer receives a similar model (reconditioned) a comparable model if the customer’s model is not available.

This offer is provided under the Verizon insurance replacement phone scheme.

And all this comes at a cost of $1.99 per month.  Verizon Extended Warranty program can be bough separately or may even be a part of the total equipment coverage bundle.

If you enjoy a Total Equipment Coverage or the Extended Warranty program, you can call (866) 406-5154 to get your problems solved (toll free from a phone). To start with, diagnosis is provided over the phone. You may also visit any Verizon store to get the defect resolved or to make claims over loss or theft.

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