How to Maximize your Social Security Retirement Benefits and Earnings?

Social insurance check that usually comes as retirement or survivor benefits is a boon to US citizens.  How much you draw depends a lot on how you have sown the seeds. If you start early, you stand a good chance to exact a fat payout. Nevertheless, there are some ways by which you can maximize your benefits.

You can get your payments as early as at 62 years of age. However, the payment may be less. To maximize your payment its better wait till you are 66 or 67. If you can postpone it till 70 then you stand to gain the most. Likewise early spousal claims can bring down payouts.

Avoid claiming at the same time

If both employed couples reach their retirement age then it is wise not to claim the benefits together. Late claim by one of the claimants will bring higher payout because of accrued additional delayed retirement credits.

To ensure fast payments, always get the payouts directly deposited into a bank or credit union account. This will help you jump the fees related with the Direct Express Debit MasterCard.

Include family.

If you have a dependent disabled member it is wise to include your family in the list. Social Security recipients with disabled children below 18 of age can get higher payments for the child as well as the person caring for the child. However, it is subject to certain annual limits.

Boost the survivor’s benefit.

Social security law guarantees widows and widowers the earning members or higher earners full retirement benefit. If a worker signs up to receive benefits till the age of 70, he or she increases the monthly survivor’s benefit.

Maximize paychecks now.

The benefits that you are guaranteed are computed on the basis of your 35 highest earning years as an employee. The sooner you ensure a pay hike by either negotiating with the employer or by looking for a better paying offer, the more you up your chances of getting a handsome benefit..

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