Retirement Guidelines by Age: How To Make Your Retirement Sound?

To ensure a sound retirement, you need to do a bit of detailed planning. Some essential steps will guarantee you a peaceful retired life. This page talks about such crucial steps.If you are a middle income American, you need to plan out your retirement so that your post retired life is less burdensome. This calls for methodical planning. Given below are the few retirement guidelines by age which you can land into a retired life in a planned way.


Quantify assets and net worth

This may sound a bit perplexing. But this essentially means how to convert your assets into an income. For this you first need to take a stock of the all the assets you have. Then identify the ones that have the potential of giving you some good returns. For instance if you own a house, think about how to rent a portion out to make some quick buck. If you only have your retirement amount as an asset, you can consider planning on how to roll the money to multiply it in the safest possible way.


Ensure optimum risk coverage

During a post retired life, insurance is one’s biggest safeguard.  Insurances like health, life, disability, auto and homeowners can cocoon you from unforeseen risks. Likewise, long-term-care insurance can be of great help.  Plan out the insurances you need to have. Base your decision on factors like location, dependants, health condition etc. When you plan for risk coverage make sure your existing preretirement coverage is extended and active during the retirement period.


Tailor expenditure against guaranteed income

Make sure you have enough guaranteed income to cover your important living expenses. This includes food, housing and insurance premiums. Make a detailed list of all that you have to cut down upon. Don’t bank upon your not-so-guaranteed income to meet your expenses. Treat earnings from your non guaranteed sources as bonus and save it to meet future needs. If you don’t figure out how to manage your expenses with the reliable source of income, you would end up shooting yourself in the foot.


Assets grouping

Group your assets to take care of your early, mid and late phases of retirement. Experts recommend that assets for early retirement should be liquid. Your mid-retirement assets should consist of five-to-10-year Treasury bonds, fixed-interest, deferred annuities, and so on and forth. At the last stage of retirement your assets should include longevity insurance, deferred variable annuities and life insurance.


Update Plan:

There isn’t a fixed way to ensure things happening your way. So, it is very important to have a relook into your plan. Reviewing it regularly will help you evolve with the time. If you are unable to do it on your own, you can consult a wealth manager or a financial consultant.

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