Top 10 Fastest Growing Churches in the US & Their Growth Strategy

Fastest Growing Churches In USFastest Growing Churches In US

In USA, Texas has the largest churches (17 churches) in the USA, followed by California, Georgia and Florida, with 15, 9, 6 churches respectively. The states of Ohio and Illinois come next with 5 each.

Texas is also the home of the fastest growing churches (11 churches). Texas, in the number of fastest growing churches, is followed by California (9 churches), Florida (8 churches), Arizona (7 churches) and Georgia (6 churches).

There are roughly 320,000 churches in the United States. A recent survey revealed that the combined yearly attendance of the 100 Largest US churches was 1050923. The 100 Fastest-Growing US churches with 246 worship sites have a total attendance around 638,693 people and they added 97,168 people combined over their previous years’ attendance, with an average over 970 attendance per church.

The table below shows the names and attendances on top 10 largest US churches.

Top 10 Largest US Churches

Rank Name of the Church Location Pastor Attendance
1 Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas Joel Osteen 43500
2 North Point Community Church Alpharetta, GA Andy Stanley 30982
3 Willow Creek Community Church South Barrington, Il Bill Hybels 24200
4 Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas Ed Young 23659
5 Phoenix First Assembly Of God Phoenix, Ariz. Luke Barnett & Tommy Barnett 22,500
6 Southeast Christian Church Louisville, Ky. Dave Stone 22,496
7 Lifechurch.Tv Edmond, OK Craig Groeschel 20823
8 West Angeles Cathedral  Los Angeles, CA Charles E. Blake 20000
9 Fellowship Church Grapevine, TX Ed Young Jr. 19913
10 Saddleback Church Lake Forest, CA Rick Warren 19414


Data given here are based on a self-reported survey and not an independent investigation. Not all mega churches chose to participate in the annual report. The following table shows the list of the top fastest growing US churches both by percentages and numbers.


Top 10 Fastest Growing US Churches


      Rank Name of the Church Location Pastor Attendance Growth
By Percentage By Number By Percentage By Number
1 7 Real Life Church Valencia, California Rusty George 111% 1763
2 4 Richmond Outreach Center, Richmond, VA Geronimo Aguilar 83% 2530
3 10 Experience Life Church, Lubbock, Texas Chris Galanos 60% 1061
4 9 People’s Church, Oklahoma City, OKLA Herbert Cooper 58% 1085
5 6 The Potter’s House Church of Denver Denver, COLO E. Christopher Hill 51% 1800
6 2 Elevation Church Charlotte, N.C. Steven Furtick 48% 2744
7 8 Faith Church of St. Louis Fenton, Mo David Crank 36% 1200
8 5 12 Stone Church Lawrenceville, GA Kevin Myers 30% 2226
9 1 Christ’s Church of the Valley Peoria, ARIZ Donald J. Wilson 29% 4049
10 3 The Rock Church and World Outreach Center San Bernardino, CALIF Jim Cobrae 25% 2646


However, the measure of a good church should not be made by comparing to other churches or by attendances but against the word of God. There are some characteristics that form a church that pleases our Lord. Each of these characteristics is important; it cannot be based on some good aspects and ignores the rest. If you leave out any one of them your church will not function as God intended it.

Church growth strategies : The twelve characteristics of a healthy church are:

First, is the clear uncompromising teaching of God’s Word. A healthy church will never sacrifice the integrity of the Bible, or neuter its message.

Second, is impacting worship. Impacting is not style but substance behind it. It is the passion and power that moves people from themselves to desire to please God, and praise Him.

  • Third, is there should be passion for the Lord. It should teach us closeness and at the same time “fear” our Lord and Savior. Attendants will be overflowing with gratitude for what He has done for us.
  • Fourth is heartfelt Prayer. It is one the quintessential most important aspects of the Christian life.
  • Fifth is Making Disciples. It is also one of the most quintessential aspects that most churches somehow forget.
  • Sixth is love and care that are penetrating. If we see ourselves as undeserving and God is willing to love us, then we should do the same with others around us.
  • Seventh is leadership development. A good leader is powered by every good characteristics who loves and care.
  • Eight is outreach and missions and respond to our Lord’s imperative.
  • Ninth is about empowering vision as well as faith.
  • Tenth is about teaching effective stewardship. It is how we care for all of the resources that the Lord bestows to us.
  • Eleventh is about appropriate programming of the ‘operating system’ that allow the ‘programs’ to function.
  • The last one characteristic is replication. This is the willingness to give birth to other churches and spread what Christ has given you to other neighborhoods, cities and countries.

Every growing church is grounded in a consistent message and vision. They passionately preach the Word of God, celebrate God’s presence through worship. Good church take great commissions seriously and quickly assimilate newcomers.Fastest Growing Churches In America

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