Top 10 U.S. Investment Funds as per Investors Satisfaction in 2012

‘Investment Fund’ is a trust of pools of money from a group of investors with a common goal which is used to purchase securities collectively while every investor retains proportionate ownership and control of own share. The individual investors do not make any investment decision on the management of the accumulated or own proportionate fund. Fund manager is appointed to oversee the investment, administrative and other related issues. ‘Investment Funds’ are also known as ‘Mutual Funds’ because here many people with similar interest mutually accumulate own funds to a common fund for investment under common fund manager. The fund manager with his expertise does the necessary investment research work and invests the common fund on behalf of the investors.

Every Investment Fund has own predetermined investment objective that determine its pattern and style of investment strategy. Fundamentally, there are three main types of investment funds. They are:

  • Equity based funds
  • Bonds and fixed income based funds
  • Money market (mostly short term debt instrument) fund.

Equity based Funds have highest risk, invest in stocks with the objective of providing long term capital growth some periodic incomes.

Bonds and fixed income based funds primarily invest money in corporate and government debt instruments that provides steady cash flow over a number of years.

Money Market Funds have relative low risks and are limited to invest in high quality short term investment like Treasury Bills, etc issued by government bodies.

The main of investment funds is that they give small investors access to hold a part of large diversified professionally managed port folio, which was otherwise almost inaccessible to him.

The performance of an investment firm is evaluated on various parameters, such as, investors’ satisfaction, consistency, stock price performance (Net Asset Value), growth, financial solvency, relation with investors, etc.

Top 10 U.S. Investment Funds as per Investors Satisfaction in 2012

(As per J.D Power Ranking)

Investment Firm Rankings as per their Full-Service by J.D Power Ranking Agency 2012

Investors’ Satisfaction Factor Scale:  1 to 1000

Investment Funds Satisfaction Factor 2011 Industry Average 2011 Satisfaction Factor 2012 Industry Average 2012
Edward Jones 788 772 803 775
Fidelity Investment 796 772 800 775
Charles Schwab 805 772 797 775
LPL Financial 794 772 785 775
Raymond James 785 772 785 775
UBS 778 772 784 775
RBC Wealth Management 814 772 770 775
Merrill Lynch 758 772 767 775
Ameriprise 779 772 765 775
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 754 772 758 775


Top 10 U.S Investment Funds as per Performance in 2012

(As per Street Rating Agency)

There are many rating agencies that rate Investment Funds as per their performance through balance assessment under their scanner. “Street Rating” is one of the most trusted rating agencies that reviews the risk-benefit adjusted performance of around 25000 investment funds every month. Here is a table that shows the list of 10 top investment firms of 2012 as per “Street Rating”:




Name of the Investment Firm



Street Rating


Rank Maintained 

1 Permanent Portfolio Fund A+ A+ Since December 2007; Holds Real Estate (24.60%), Energy (18.63%), Basic Materials (16.19%), Consumer Cyclical (10.38%)
2 Bruce Fund A+ 60% in aggressive growth stock; Industrials (20.18%), Healthcare (19.82%), Utilities (12.10%)
3 ING Value Choice A Holds investment in Finance Sector (24.66%), Energy Sector (15.99%) and Healthcare (10.47%)
4 Nuveen Trade winds Value Opportunities A Holds Financial Services (20.42%), Basic Material (13.14%), Technology 911.75), Energy (11.72%)
5 Tilson Dividend A Holds Consumer Cyclical (27.01%), Technology (25.44%), Financial Services (20.57)
6 Schwab Tax-Free Bond Fund A Holds Education (30.31%), State and Local Obligation (29.02%), Health (13.21%)
7 Appleseed Fund Investor A Consumer Defensive (25.87%), Consumer Cyclical (17.75%), Financial Services (15.44%), Technology (11.85%)
8 Vanguard Wellesley Income Inv A Holds Industrials (16.47%), Consumer Defensive (16.37%), Healthcare (14.56%), Energy (13.34%)
9 Matthews Asia Dividend Investors Fund A Holds Industrial (18.14%), Financial Services (16.01%), Consumer Cyclical (15.98%), Consumer Defensive (15.59%), Real Estate (8.99%)
10 ING Morgan Stanley Global Franchise Portfolio A Consumer Defensive (70.46%), Technology (13.68%), Health (6.71%), Financial Services (5.09%)

Fund ratings Grades of Street Agency have the following meaning:

A = Excellent; Maximization in profit and minimization of risk.

B = Good; Good track record in risk benefit balance.

C = Fare; Average performance.

D= Weak; under- performer.

E = Very Weak; significantly underperforming.

+ (Plus Sign) – It is on the top third of its letter grade.

(- ) Minus Sign = It is on the bottom third of its letter grade.

(U) Unrated = Not worth ranking.

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