We are inviting all financial bloggers, writers, financial advisers and experts who have flair for writing financial content. We are hiring!!!

You will find success based on your ability to:

  • – Stay up to date with financial news and economic trends, and use this knowledge to propose investment ideas.
  • – Understand economics and how it can impact investment decisions.
  • – Have experience covering industries, sectors and global equity markets.
  • – Have access to tools such Bloomberg or other data packages.
  • – Conduct investment analysis. Research independently and under our guidance.
  • – Write in English effectively, communicating complex topics to a retail audience. You must be able to provide writing samples.

Job requirements:

  • – Minimum 3-5 years of work experience in investment analysis. Ideally analyzing global equity markets, sectors and industries.
  • – The candidate must be willing to promote their written material and our website to their social network 1-2 times per month (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Well we have a very short team, thus needed more people to join. Send us your resume to


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